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Frequently Asked Questions

Eco Bidet is a high quality brand of bidets manufactured in South Korea.

Yes, all payments are processed through PayPal giving you complete peace of mind.

Nothing, all our standard delivery are free of charge. This is just a way we say thank you to our customers.

All products usually dispatched the same day but we endeavour to ensure that they don’t take any longer than 24 hours to leave our facility.

We use Australia Post and Fast Way or all our shipping.

No, just keep it clean like you would your sink or previous toilet lid. If you have installed a filter we recommend that you change it every 6 months.

Not much, our bidets are manufactured to extremely high standards and has a very low failure rate.

Please go to our contact page and send us an email and one of customer support team will contact you asap and help trouble shoot the issue.

The water enters to bidet from the left hand side when facing the toilet.

Then you would need a fitting kit. Which is available in the store CLICK HERE. It provides all the necessary fittings to get the water to the other side.

Ok, if when you place your hand along the side of your toilet and you cannot feel the nuts that hold your seat onto the toilet you will need a set of top fixing bolts. CLICK HERE

Sure, but we cant send it to you free of charge. To keep pour prices down I am afraid you will have to pay the courier fee.

Go to our bidet fitting page to find out? CLICK HERE

Simple, just follow the steps that come in the box to easily install the bidet on your toilet seat. Please don’t forget to measure your toilet first to make sure it will fit.

Australian regulations state that any appliance whether it be a washing machine, bench top water filter that clips to your tap or a bidet seat be installed by a registered plumber. As this product was designed for handy man installation we have been advised that a lot of people easily do it them selves.

Yes, all products come with a dual check back flow prevention device. Some products have internal air gap, please check with your plumber as to the regulations in your area.

There is a quick release button on the right hand side of the bidet. Just press it and the bidet will slide of the toilet and then the bidet can be cleaned underneath.

The manufacturer recommends every 6 months.

Yes, all electronic bidets need a power point this is what provides the energy to heat the water, the seat and provide the warm air dryer. Power enters from the right when facing the toilet.

You water supply may be inside your cistern. If this is the case you would need to purchase a fitting kit.

The batteries should last well over a year. If your remote stops working for any reason the first thing to do is to replace the batteries. Please use super alkaline as these provide a more stable energy, do not under any circumstances use cheap or rechargeable batteries.